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We are Kind, We are Respectful, We are Proud and We do our Best

The children of Swanland School were given the task of deciding what our School Values should be. First of all the children learnt about the British Values and the importance of these in our lives. Next, every class came up with lists of important school values that they believed every child and every adult in our school should aim to have or do every day. Next the school council collected everyone’s ideas and with some governors and Miss Stephenson we collated them and chose 4 key values.

These are:

We are Kind- This means to everyone; whoever they are and whatever their role. We think of others’ feelings and we always think about how we can help others whether that is in school or out of school in our community.

We are Respectful- We recognise and celebrate our differences. We know we are all different and we respect others even if they have different views and opinions to others. We are polite and well mannered to whoever we meet! (It often gets commented on when we are on school trips too).

We are Proud- We celebrate each other’s achievements; we love our school and we always make sure we do everything to make sure we are proud of our school and those in it. When our adults see something that make them proud, this is celebrated with our rewards system and when the children experience something that makes them proud or happy, this is celebrated in class and assembly.

We do our Best- We know we might not always get the right answer but we know the most important thing is we try our best and are resilient. Good work is celebrated, but even more important is hard work and doing our best.

Our rewards system in School has a big focus around these values and we talk about them in class and assembly every week. The children are in Houses and can earn Praise Points and counters by showing the school values.

On these pages you will be able to find out lots about our school and the people who work with and on behalf of our children.