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Welcome to a fun packed year two! 

Our teachers are Mrs Palmer, Mrs Patrick and Mr Pea

Mrs Palmer’s class is called 2JP and their teaching assistants are Mrs Chamberlain and Mrs Walker. 

Mrs Patrick’s and Mr Pea’s class is called 2SP/MP and their teaching assistants are Mrs Lee and Mrs Thompson.

During the year we will complete many different topics based on Geography, History and Science.   

Our first topic, during the Autumn term is a history-based topic. Throughout this topic we look at The Great Fire of London. We will use this theme in both our history and literacy lessons.  We will have a visitor that will come to work with us.  During their session the children will gain historical knowledge, of the Great Fire of London, and develop an understanding of daily life through first-hand experience.  In our Science lessons we will be focusing on Materials.  During our Geography lessons we will be looking at the weather and seasons.  

During the Autumn term, we will build up to our exciting Polar Express day in December, where the children’s imagination is brought to life with a fun-filled adventure.  

Our author of the half term is Anthony Browne and after half term it is Michael Morpurgo.  This should encourage reading for pleasure. Each half term, we will set a reading bingo challenge to encourage reading a range of books.  

During the Spring term our history focus will be the local hero, Amy Johnson.  We are going to visit the Hull Museum and ‘meet’ Amy Johnson.  Our science work will focus on plants and healthy bodies, which will link well our geography focus, Journeys (food).

We will build up towards the end of term to our Willy Wonka Day, which links with our author of the term, Roald Dahl.

During the Summer term we shall be reading The Hodgeheg, by Dick King-Smith and The Faraway Tree, by Enid Blyton.  In our science we shall be looking at animals and humans, in geography we shall focus on our ‘Wonderful World’ and in history we shall be looking at ‘Holidays’.

We shall visit Far Ings and Welton Waters during the last half of the summer term too.

Throughout the year our numeracy will be based on the Mastery approach.  This will involve the children focusing on a specific strand of numeracy for a few weeks at a time.  Our hope is that this method of delivery will help the children develop secure problem-solving skills that they can apply to everyday life. We will start the year by investigating place value and understanding the number system.  

The children in year 2 have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. During these lessons, the children will be learning lots of new skills both in the hall and outside. We encourage children to gain a love for a range of sports, such as dance, gymnastics and multi-skill activities.  


Willy Wonka Day is one of our favourite days, which the children can’t wait to take part in! 

 This day is linked with our author of the half term, Roald Dahl.

 Our children get to be part of a magical day involving, dancing with Oompa Loompas, weighing and buying sweets from our sweet shop, becoming chocolatiers, designing and making their own lollies and taking a trip to our chocolate river! 


We finish our day with a trip to our cinema to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a bottle of Fizzy-Lifting drink! 

We use the book, The Polar Express, to investigate the characters, their personalities and experiences and link these with the term’s PSHCE activities and discussions, alongside our School Values.  The day also adds to the excitement of Christmas! This is a fun packed day that involves a little magic and a lot of imagination, fun and laughter! We all get to come to school in our pyjamas and ride the imaginary express for the day, travel to a magic land for a snowball fight, and re tell the story of a boy that no longer believes in the magic of Christmas.

To end the day, we snuggle down with hot chocolate and marshmallows to watch the film Polar Express.

In year 2 we are very lucky to sometimes have surprise visitors!

We study the book The Twits linked with our author of the half term, Roald Dahl.

In the Summer term the children enjoy a beach day at our very own ‘Swantins’.  The children take part in typical activities that children in the 1960’s would have enjoyed when visiting the beach or a holiday camp.  The day helps the children to gain a better understanding of our history topic, Holiday’s in the 1960’s.  The children come dressed in their holiday attire for the day and if we are lucky a donkey comes to visit us and we enjoy an ice-cream snack!