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It is not necessary to have school branded uniform (including PE kit) however all uniform should adhere to the policy below:


  • White or navy polo shirt **
  • Dark navy jumper/sweatshirt/cardigan **
  • Dark navy or grey trousers/shorts (shorts should be at least mid-thigh length and trousers and shorts should not be of a tight stretchy material)  or
  • Navy or grey skirt, culottes (skirts should be knee length and not of a tight stretchy material)
  • Navy pinafore (not grey)
  • Plain dark navy tights or white, navy, black or grey plain socks
  • In the Summer Term, and first half of the Autumn Term, children may wear blue gingham summer dresses – we now allow bottom half gingham, top half white polo collar style dresses.


** Uniform does not have to bear the logo however these items of uniform bearing the embroidered school name/badge may be purchased online, links are at the bottom of this page.


We also have a ‘Nearly New’ uniform shop. Please email [email protected] for any requests or enquiries. We also usually have a table out at Parents’ Evening.


Outdoor footwear – black shoes.

Indoor footwear – black plimsolls.

Please note that jeans, tracksuit bottoms or black trousers, baseball boots/‘fashion’ trainers, and brightly coloured socks are not recognised as suitable attire for school. The school hooded sweatshirts are for PE use only.


All children will be expected to change for PE.  The basic PE kit comprises:

  • Sky blue round neck T-shirt with school logo**
  • Plain dark navy blue shadow stripe shorts*.

Indoor PE – All Ages

PE kit (as above) plus lightweight training shoes, plimsolls (or bare feet).

Outdoor PE 

PE kit (as above) plus:

  • Sturdy trainers (NB no ‘high-top’ footwear.)
  • Warm over-garments ie navy blue, grey or black tracksuit or jogging bottoms and sweatshirt.
  • There is the option of purchasing a blue hooded sweatshirt for outdoor games. **
  • (Football Club for Years 5 and 6 – Children will need football boots and shin pads).

In the interests of health, security and particularly safety, the wearing of any sort of jewellery by children in school, is strongly discouraged.  On no account may jewellery be worn during sports activities.  Only small (not bigger than 4mm) plain round silver or gold stud earrings may be worn for school (or a small clear or blue stone is acceptable).  An example of this would be the type you would have your ears pierced with.  Please teach your child how to remove their studs for PE.  Children with newly pierced ears must cover their studs with ‘micropore’ tape to prevent them being caught.  Please provide your child with the necessary tape on PE and Games days.  Children with long hair will be required to tie it back during PE/Games/Swimming activities. Hair accessories such as headbands and bows should be navy blue and small.  Nail varnish is not permitted as part of school uniform and children will consequently be asked to remove it at their earliest convenience.

All these recommendations are made in the best interests of the welfare of your children during their stay at Swanland School.  We hope you will support the staff in implementing them.